1. What is PRIME?

PRIME is 159 Designated Postal Operators working together to deliver cross-border tracked packet solutions for the e-commerce market.

2. Is PRIME part of the IPC or UPU?

No, PRIME is an independent member organisation or co-operative.

3. Do we have to be a member of IPC to be able to join PRIME?

No, membership to PRIME is not dependent on membership to IPC. For example, the greater majority of our members are not members of IPC. However a Public Postal Operator must be a member of the UPU to join PRIME’s general PfP agreements.

4. What does PRIME do?

PRIME recognises that the significant growth in e-commerce presents many opportunities for Posts and our comprehensive product set maximises the opportunity in cross-border tracked packet products for Posts.

    • Post Exprès (L Series), a low-cost, scanning on delivery service that is ideally placed to meet the demands of the e-commerce market, creating greater revenues for national postal operators. We do not obtain a signature on delivery which suits those not at home to sign for an item.
    • Registered Post offers a cost effective service for government, legal entities and e-retailers where Proof of Delivery (signature) is required.
    • The Insured service offers customers secure handling and is ideal for tracking and insuring high value items internationally.
    • IMRS is the tracked postage-paid international returns service designed to meet the demands of the high-growth area of e-commerce.
    • web-based track and trace system, GCSS allows customer service call centres worldwide to exchange customer queries about barcoded items. Fully web based, the system links more than 250 call centres from about 180 posts in over 175 countries, and changes the way international enquiries are handled. It enhances the quality of enquiry data, decreases the duration of the enquiry and triggers pro-activeness in customer services. These developments allow postal operators to become more competitive, improve and standardise customer service for all cross-border products (such as PRIME products) and focus on providing better quality of service.

5. How can I become a PRIME member?

Any Public Postal Operator who is an UPU (Universal Postal Union) member is welcome to join PRIME. To join, complete the membership enquiry form.

6. What are the benefits of becoming a PRIME member?

PRIME puts every Post in a position to offer:

  • A tracked Post Exprès service to take advantage of the fast Internet fulfilment and the growth in direct marketing. A reliable service but not at courier prices. Suitable for private individual and SMEs, or large bulk senders of items. Many household names use Post Exprès to deliver their e-commerce goods. It’s the fastest growing Postal service.
  • A tracked Registered & Insured service, as a cost-effective tool used by government, the legal profession and some private individuals. Some e-commerce sellers use it for when they require a signature on delivery.
  • Posts can supply you with the tracked data so that you may upload it to  your website and offer you customers Web-based tracking via your own website, in your own language. This helps capture a large share of the ‘small packet’ e-commerce market.
  • If you don’t take steps to ensure a reliable, secure service now, business customers and priority mailers may well turn elsewhere. To find out more about joining PRIME, complete the membership enquiry form.